Knife Sharpening for Beginners Course


Learn to sharpen and maintain your kitchen knives using traditional Japanese whetstones

About this event

Are you harbouring a desire to be able to sharpen your own knives? Does it feel within your reach but still somehow completley unfathomable?

As a professional knife sharpening service we speak with our customers about this topic a lot, so much so we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve heard…

“I’d really like to be able to sharpen my own knives but I’m worried about ruining them”

“I’ve had a whetstone for years but I’ve never got round to learing how to use it”

“I’m not really sure about the angles”

..and these are absolutley valid reasons for being wary of getting started, properly sharpening a knife using traditional methods can be tricky, but by breaking down the process and giving you a little guidence along the way, we’re confident you’ll be leaving the workshop with the skills you need to sharpen and maintain your own kitchen knives.

How it will work

Participants will meet at 31 Leeds Road from 1845 on the day of the event, equipped with your own blunt kitchen knives. Ideally you will bring a chef knife and a paring knife but if you don’t have these specifically then bring what you do have, this event is about teaching you how to care for your own knives with confidence, at home, so bring the knives you use.

The evening will begin with a short lesson in sharpening theory, followed by a demonstration and finally a chunk of time for you to sharpen your own knives with guidance from us.


What you will need

2 of your own kitchen knives for sharpening (preferably 1 large and 1 small knife. No serrated or single bevel knives please, if unsure contact beforehand).

Enthusiasm for sharper knives .

The desire to learn a new skill.


What is included?

Paper copy handout and emailed PDF on the basics of sharpening theory.

Instruction and guidence thoughout the session.

A stropping paddle to maintain your freshly sharpened knives at home (rrp £18).

10% off in store on day of event

Support throughout your sharpening journey. If you get stuck just pop in or get in touch another way with your questions, we’ll do what we can to help you put your skills to use.


Anthing else?

We will be happy to provide you with a phsyical workshop voucher for presentation if buying as a gift (buyer liable for postage)


Dates for these events are added regularly and tickets are available through our eventbrite page.

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♥ Free UK Delivery on orders over £50   ♥   We offset the carbon from our product deliveries   ♥   21 day Money Back Guarantee  ♥

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